Morning Gloryville!


We were born in London on Wednesday 29th May 2013 and since then have become a global community of events that empower people to “rave your way into the day!”.

Morning Gloryville starts at 6.30am and ends 10.30am and offers inspirational, energising music and mesmerising visual entertainment as well as free massage, organic coffee and smoothie bars, yoga and personal motivation from trained and costumed performers.



Nothing wakes you up more than a soul-shaking dance, electrifying music and for those who need it, a mind blowing double espresso!

On arrival you will be greeted by your very own Wake-up Angels. Do you need a coffee or a smoothie? Do you need a back rub or your head in a basin of icy water? We all have our own unique ways of waking up and Morning Gloryville has gathered a troop to meet all your AM needs.

What we give you:

- a free wake-up massage station

- a superfood smoothie bar

- a coffee kiosk

- a motivating dance team

- Top London DJ’s

- and most importantly A GLITTER-FILLED DANCE FLOOR!

We have turned clubbing on its head and it's certainly working a treat!

Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into The Day! teaser

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