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Jeri Roraback, Ph.D., Cht.       

Certified Master Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Between Life Therapist, Author & Teacher


Since 2001 Jeri has devoted her time and energy in assisting others both in private and group sessions. Her practice continues to expand not only here in the United States but has moved abroad into Greece, Norway, England and India. Jeri presently holds credentials as a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Life Between Life Facilitator, Between Life Regression Therapist and also holds a Ph. D. in Metaphysical Sciences.


How does hypnotherapy work? Hypnotherapy induces a state of deep relaxation which leads to an altered state of consciousness: specifically, a pre-state of consciousness, similar to the feeling we experience just before falling asleep. This state of extreme relaxation - hypnosis - makes it possible for the hypnotherapist to access the subconscious mind, where deeply rooted behaviors and feelings are located. So, the subconscious mind is where, during hypnosis, new behaviors and beliefs can be introduced to replace negative ones. This is possible because in a state of hypnosis, the conscious mind temporarily recedes and loses the control that it normally exerts over us, so we can be addressed issues without interference from the conscious mind and its defenses. So, the hypnotherapist can lead the patient's subconscious mind to focus on the problem at issue in order to introduce new beliefs and instil new habits that will guide the conscious mind and conscious behaviors in place of the old ones.


Life-Between-Lives hypnosis is both an extension and evolution beyond Past Life Regression. This is because the techniques of LBL therapy allow access to our soul memories in a higher state of consciousness we call the superconscious mind. The key for the application and success of LBL therapy is the length of the session (which typically lasts 3 – 4 hours) and depth of the trance state (which must exceed that of a normal hypnosis regression). This LBL procedure called Spiritual Regression, permits subjects to connect with their soul-self. Thus, clients are able to bridge their physical incarnations and connect with a more permanent immortal life in the spirit world.


Once connected to one's "eternal self", a client is able to see his or her entire evolutionary karmic growth pattern over a vast amount of earth time in many bodies, while mentally residing in the "world between lives" that is our true home. One then learns why those bodies were chosen; the 'fit' between the experiences encountered in past and present lives; and the lessons they bring. The LBL client, when in a state of superconsciousness, is able to transcend identification with physical incarnations to access a deeper, eternal nature that actively records the lessons of those lives as part of an evolutionary growth of soul-consciousness.


Past and present human lives are seen as but alter-egos of an eternal identity. In this state of heightened perception and understanding clients are then able to find their own answers to age-old questions such as: "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "Where do I come from?"


“Thank you for a wonderful LBL session.  It truly made a positive difference in my life.  It’s been over a month since our session but I can still feel the impact of the experience.   I now have a better understanding of my purpose; I have direct contact with my spirit guides; and the intensity of my suffering has dramatically decreased”.


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4 Reviews
Julia Williams
Elk Grove, CA

I took a half day class from Jeri, where she conducted 3 sessions (on money, on inner child, on self-encouragement). During these sessions, all participants had a chance to share their visions, thoughts and feelings. I learned so much from Jeri. One of the new learning topic was on the inner child. When Jeri asked us to look at our inner child during her session, I saw myself being 8-year-old, with a frowned face. I was unhappy about something but couldn’t see the reason. Two days after this class, I was meditating at home and for some reason the first thing that I saw was my inner child with a frowned face. So, I asked her what makes her feel this way and learned that it’s because she really didn’t feel loved in her surroundings. She had several siblings and caring mom, but still felt lonely. Her mom could drop insulting words, she could get upset and loud sometimes, she could be critical, same with siblings. My inner child pointed out to a friend who was always nice and carrying to her, never was critical, or raised her voice and instead of giving commands, she made suggestions. My inner child could trust that her friend got her best interest and this is what she’s been missing. I took my inner child for a walk and bought her a new outfit and new shoes, we went to eat an ice cream together and when we got back, I invited her nice caring friend and left them there together before I exited my meditation. After this meditation, I realized that I was talking to my son often the way my mom and my siblings communicated with me. I understood what type of communication feels loving and caring and was able to change my communication with my son for better. As a result, my relationship with him improved tremendously. After meeting with Jeri my life goals and plans had changed, my values and believes had changed too and everything got so much better. It feels like I’m healing, even though, I thought I was doing just fine and don’t need any healing. If you would like to improve your quality of life, Jeri is the person to go to!

June 2018

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Lana M
San Francisco
Life Changing!

Life after Lives regression session with Jeri was a life changing event for me and I’m still experiencing this amazing after effect. I was concern about my relationship status and also financial blocks and during the sessions I learned what’s holding me back and what I need to do to overcome it. Somehow Jeri knew what to say and ask during the sessions that led to discoveries. One of my after effects is my financial situation is improving and I started working on projects I was afraid to even think about. Another after effect is I’m able to let go of a relationship that no longer serves me. It takes more than one session to really get a good grasp on everything, but changes starting right away and I think they never end, as I’m still in process of evolving and improving myself, my life and lives of those around me. I strongly encourage Jeri’s Life after Lives regression sessions. Thank you so very much, God bless You, Jeri!

June 2018

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Lana M
Amazing Revelations!

I was led to Jeri by serendipity. From the very beginning I had this gut feeling that she is a woman who can cure me. She knew some answers to my concerns even before our meeting. After our hypnotherapy session today, I learned a lot of new information that helped me to feel powerful again. With Jeri’s help I was able to see things that was a total mystery to me. Somehow she knew where to lead me during the session, which is still amazes me. 
After the session, I feel free from any negative attachments and blocks, I feel love, deep empathy and understanding towards people around me, even towards those who are not that friendly. Besides the incredible session, Jeri spent extra time after the session to go over everything answering all of my questions. She is a rare gem and I strongly recommend her to everybody.

March 2018

Oh Thank you Lana. You were a jewel to work with. I know we will meet again soon. Love, light and power to you. Jeri

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