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If you had the power to change your life, what would you do? Would you like to own your power so that you make progressive, life-supporting decisions for yourself? Do you want to recognize and authentically express your gifts?

The Empowerment Process can help you gain the inner knowingness and support you need to clarify your intentions, your goals, and your desires. You will gain the clarity you need to create powerful positive energy allowing you to go forward with your career, relationships, health concerns, or any challenge you face whether it appears to be on the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual level. Each challenge provides an opportunity for growth. When a problem surfaces, you can choose to avoid it or recognize it and gain the lesson it offers. Moving through problems, uncovering and transforming your energy, is what I call processing. The Empowerment Process gives you a way to release problems from the past by bringing in new, positive energy. You can change old habits and dis-empowering beliefs that no longer serve you to remove worry and anxiety, and free your awareness to live here and now, in the present, and follow your passion. The Empowerment Process is designed to activate and facilitate your transformation, allowing you to explore your unique abilities, gifts and resources.

The effects are permanent changes in your entire energy system supporting positive responses in your life.

• Identify your issues, stories, or any excuse you may have for not living your authentic self

• Deepen your understanding of what you need and want

• Learn how to shift to higher levels of energetic functioning

• Learn a powerful process to release energy blocks held in the physiology

• Learn a variety of healing tools that energize or pacify your mind/body system according to your needs.

Embarking on this journey only requires having love and compassion for yourself, and a willingness to be open to the transformation process. You will then enjoy a wonderful heart experience for greater fullness and fulfillment of purpose in your life.

Janet is the developer, facilitator, and teacher of the Empowerment Process®, a powerful, effective system for transformational healing.  She offers private EP transformational healing sessions, Intuitive Guidance consultations in addition to workshops both in-person and online.

Involved in many advanced healing tools and techniques over the past 25 years, Janet developed the Empowerment Process for anyone to learn and use for themselves and their families.  She has spent the past 12 years facilitating others and teaching Empowerment Process workshops so clients and students could easily transform disempowering beliefs, release emotional and physical blocks and fulfill unmet needs. The results have proven to be powerful, positive and life-changing.

Janet’s clients and students include business executives, school teachers, and college professors, psychologists, medical professionals and healers, music and theater professionals, parents and their children. In order to help young children, Janet works with their parents who can proxy for their child’s transformation. More examples of EP transformations as well as her story can be found in her book, The Empowerment Process: Discover a Powerful Way to Transform and Heal.



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Sat 15 Aug
Janet Swartz - Become Your Own Healer: The Empowerment Process | Online | April 27-28, 2019

Janet Swartz - Become Your Own Healer: The Empowerment Process | Online | April 27-28, 2019

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Janet Swartz's workshop - Become Your Own Healer with the EP - teaches you how you can transform unresolved emotional patterns, dis-empowering beliefs, and fulfill lifelong unmet needs. The Process brings you to a place of inner comfort and peace.


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Empowerment Process

For me The Empowerment Process helps to improve life by removing limiting/negative subconscious belief systems we hold with in ourselves and allows them to be shown and then transmuted into empowering thoughts about ourselves and who we really are at our core.

March 2019

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