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One of the most popular spiritual leaders of our time, Colin Tipping is the creator of what is now recognized as the most powerful leading-edge technology for personal and spiritual growth today Radical Forgiveness. To this core technology he has added Radical Self-Empowerment, Radical Manifestation and Radical Transformation, all now existing under the umbrella of Radical Living. Colin offers many On-Line programs on his website.


Are You Ready for a VIP Experience?

The VIP Concept
Whether it‘s a personal issue or a career-related problem you’re facing, and want expert help in dealing with it, doing a VIP Day with me is the quickest, most efficient, and laser-focused way to do it. It also provides privacy, anonymity, and intimacy.

With a VIP Day, you get me all to yourself for a whole day. I work with you intensively, one-on-one, applying the Tipping Method to whatever specific challenge you might be struggling with or facing in your life.

Two for One
My wife, JoAnn Tipping, co-facilitates with me in live VIP Day sessions (unless you request otherwise). She adds a great deal of value and safety to your live VIP Day. (See Lisa’s testimonial on the right-side panel for proof of this.)

For Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners
I specialize in offering VIP Days for ‘soon-to-be’ or recently promoted executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners. I work with them to prevent their likely catastrophic failure due to deeply buried unconscious beliefs and wounds being triggered by their success. I call this the Humpty-Dumpty Effect. (Research shows that 48% of executives fail within 18-24 months of their being promoted.)

One VIP Day with me could mean the difference between enjoying long-term success or ending up on the list of the unemployable ‘over 50.’

Click Here for Specific Information on The Humpty-Dumpty Effect and a FREE eBook

Applicable to Any Problem
The Tipping Method can be applied to almost any human problem that has an emotional component to it. (Show me one that doesn’t.) It works for relationships, health, business, career, money, legal disputes—you name it. Whatever it is, I can help you resolve it. Just give me a day!

You Are Special
Whatever your issue is, it is unique to you. It has its own history, background, and context that makes it yours and yours alone. It follows, then, that there is no off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solution to it. Not even in the best of workshops. The solution has to be tailored to meet your precise personal need. That’s what I do for you on a VIP Day.

Click Here for Examples of What You Might Like to Get Resolved in a VIP Day

VIP Days work equally well for individuals, couples or small groups. They can be done live or virtually. VIP Days for individuals and couples are arranged to suit, but the Group VIP Days,covering a single issue common to all in the group, are scheduled as and when we have six people enrolled. We also have special group VIP Days for Coaches and Mental Health Practitioners.

The Underlying Philosophy
The Tipping Method is based on a psycho/spiritual technology derived from the philosophy and practice of Radical Forgiveness, a proven transformational technique which I have personally developed over the last 20 years and delivered to people all around the world with a very high level of success. It works!

Six Specific Problem Areas
Although a VIP Day is helpful in solving any problem, I am highlighting here today six specific problem areas that always respond well to the Radical Forgiveness approach and for which a VIP Day is the perfect solution.

VIP Day for Executives, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs Avoiding the ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ Effect
VIP Day for Personal Transformation, Emotional Healing, and Spiritual Growth
VIP Day to Increase the Likelihood of You Prevailing in a Just Court Case
VIP Day for Anyone Touched by Cancer (individual or group)
VIP Day for Life Coaches Adding Radical Forgiveness to Their Toolbox (individual or group)
VIP Days for Anyone Wanting to Shift Their Relationship with Money. (individual or group)
VIP Day for Couples Deciding Whether to Make It or Break It (couples)

Group VIP Days
Regularly scheduled Group VIP Days covering a single issue common to all in the group
Regularly scheduled Group VIP Days for Coaches and Mental Health Practitioners 

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