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Global Healing Center - Live Healthy

in Nutrition, Natural Products, Minerals, Holistic Healthcare, Herbal Medicine, Health Products & Supplements, Food & Nutrition, ALL LISTINGS

A pioneer in the field of alternative health and natural healing, Dr. Group has made it his life’s mission to spread the word of health and wellness to the global community.

Global Healing Center
2040 North Loop West, Ste. 234
Houston, Texas 77018
United States

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Nancy Welliver ND - Community School of Natural Therapeutics

in Kneipp Therapy, Schools, On-Line Classes, Naturopathic Medicine, Natural Products, Minerals, Homeopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Detox, CEU's, ALL LISTINGS

Nancy Welliver has been studying and living a natural life for 40+ years. She has had the honor of being a naturopathic physician since 1992, and an instructor since 2003. Her goal is to change the world with love, celebration & alignment with nature

Community School of Natural Therapeutics
24000 49th Pl W
Mountlake Terrace, Washington 98043
United States

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Crystal Caves Museum in Atherton

in Spiritual centers, Minerals, Crystals & Gemstones, Aquariums, ALL LISTINGS

Crystal Caves Museum in Atherton This virtual cave gives the feeling of finding these natural formations yourself. Carefully positioned and delicately lit, you are free to discover in your own time and encouraged to touch and photograph the crystals.

Crystal Caves Museum in Atherton
69 Main Street Atherton
Atherton, Queensland

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Sondra Barrett PhD

in Teachers, Classes & Certifications, Research, Photography, Cell Health, Bio-Chemistry, ALL LISTINGS

Sondra Barrett, PhD offers a variety of services that can support you personally or professionally.  Health education and stress management in my Cell Wisdom school, self discovery through AstroElemental Guidance Readings, or private mentoring.

PO Box 2563
Petaluma, California 84953
United States

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Ionized, Alkaline, Electrolyzed Reduced Water!

in Weight Loss, Water, Preventative Health, PTSD - Post traumatic stress disorder, Neuroscience/Brain Research, Natural Products, Green, Eye Care, Detox, Cell Health, Cancer, Asthma, Arthritis, Anti-Aging

WATER is our most precious resource- we are MADE of water. Dehydration, Oxidation, Acidosis and Inflammation are the causes for most DISease today. This 46 yr Japanese technology addresses this and SO MUCH MORE = A mission of creating True Health!

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409
United States

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