Evolve Your Life, Business and Solutions by Ronney Aden  

After five consultations with doctors and getting totally different opinions regarding a female issue I was having, a friend of mine gave me some good advise. “You've spent a boat load of money seeking medical professionals, and still don't know what to do. I have a psychic, make an appointment with her.” I really was frustrated and agreed. My reading started great, she knew I had a little curly haired black dog and just that morning I had engaged in getting a business contract signed. Right on both issues. From there I said, “I have a health issue and didn't give her anymore information.” She immediately grabbed her neck, certainly in pain, and said, “You are going to have a very serious surgery in about 8 months, and a very long recovery. You will change careers and your life path.” Can't be, I was really done. What do my female organs have to do wth my neck? This lady is a quack, I am out of here, and I just spent another pile of money. Disgusted, I left.


Almost to the day, 8 months later I was in the hospital having my neck operated on. When arriving home, I remembered the reading and the tape. I immediately listened. A total new reality came over me, what if I had listened to her, might I have changed the 'fate' of my neck surgery? I reacted immediately and called everyone I knew – told them to get a reading from her. Every single person was skeptical but willing to come to my house to see her, my home was safe. This started me booking readings and a new business, which grew very fast. We were booked months in advance and I had to come up with what to do next. I would sent out a flyer and tell some success stories of the readings and the magnificent people I was meeting.


was it destiny or synchronicity?


There is not a bone in my body, or song in  my heart that ever said I had any desire to publish a magazine. The newsletter turned into a magazine and twenty eight years ago, I found myself the publisher of 'Inner Words'. The people I met, workshops I hosted and the exposure to the world of spirituality, personal growth and alternative medicine was exactly where I wanted to be. The vehicle – the magazine – was both destiny and synchronicity. My love for networking and sharing these fabulous professionals was the part I was born to do.


In hindsight, I repeatedly ask myself – was it destiny or synchronicity? It's like the event you find yourself at, sitting next to the perfect person that has information just for you! I know we are all intuitive, and send out a vibration that attracts miracles to us! I've seen this demonstrated over and over, and every time I feel just as amazed as the first time I became aware that 'we' are the creators!     


Ronney Aden, Owner