Create the Life Your Heart and Soul Desire

by Lisa Barnett

Most people think the first step to create the life your heart and soul desire is to figure out what you want. Let me share a secret: There is a step before that.

I know so many people who spend hours taking quizzes on social media in the hopes of finding the answer to, “What do I really want?” or “What will make me happy?” They believe it’s tied to a career choice, a partner, their family, a creative endeavor or where they live.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about the types of food you like, whether you’re an outdoor or indoor person, what kind of cultural activities you enjoy and presto! Moving to Paris is suddenly the way to fulfillment.

What you like to do, who you surround yourself with and how you make a living are all factors. They’re just not as important as you think.

The Real First Step to Creating the Life Your Heart and Soul Desire

True happiness comes from feeling connected, from experiencing love. Whether that connection and love come from the Divine, the people who matter to us or even ourselves, this is the true root. This level of connection is not possible when there are blockages in the fourth chakra or the fourth level of your aura field.

The chakra system has been used for hundreds of years and is defined as seven energy hubs along the spine that correlate to the psychological, emotional, mind and non-physical aspects of our lives.

Your aura is the field of energy that surrounds your physical body. The aura is layered, and like the chakras, corresponds to the various aspects of your being. Energy flows from the chakras to your aura, creating a clear picture of where you are blocked in your life. This is an important layer of what really prevents you from creating the life your heart and soul desire.  

Represented by the color green, the heart chakra and the fourth astral layer are the bridge between the lower, denser physical vibrations and the upper, higher spiritual vibrations. This layer is the expansive layer of love. It is through this layer we can truly express our divinity to the world. That is the true desire of your heart and soul. The rest is window dressing.

Blockages can show as a weak immune system, lung or heart problems. They can manifest as mean-spirited behavior. If you feel frustrated a lot, are not adequately expressing yourself or attempting to control things, these may be signs you have a fourth chakra block, which makes it more difficult to connect with your Akashic Records and your soul purpose. Without the essential guidance the Akashic Records provide to help you understand your soul plan, karma or contracts, it can be more difficult to create the life your heart and soul desire

How to Unblock Your Fourth Chakra

There are many ways to clear old energy from your fourth chakra or auric field. The easiest way is to spend time outdoors. The pure flow of nature is a wonderful mirror for reflection. Go for a walk or just sit in a park and soak up the raw energy.

You can make a list of everyone with whom you’re angry and do forgiveness work to let it go. Perform random and anonymous acts of kindness and feel the joy from sharing a piece of yourself. Reach out to someone who matters to you, someone you haven’t talked to in a while, and reconnect. Create affirmations for yourself like

I am surrounded by love and feel its connection.

My true desire is to give and receive love and I do so easily and effortlessly.

It is my Divine nature to forgive easily.

Remember, the fourth level is all about connecting to love. As you clear and heal the chakras and energy blocks in your body, your aura becomes clearer and stronger. You can more easily connect to your Akashic Records as well as hear the voice of intuition more clearly. Both are essential pieces in creating the life your heart and soul desire.

Before you send off another resume or put the house up for sale, take the time to discover what may be blocking your fourth level. To support you in clearing that energy, I invite you to download my e-book Prayers of Self-Love for free.

Start with yourself and trust that it is the nature of love to spread throughout the rest of your life. And remember, the Akashic Masters and I are here to help.


"I help individuals just like you, find the core truth of who you are, and to receive the messages of your soul so that you feel clear, able to move forward and be excited about your life. When you’re on purpose, life flows easier, there is greater clarity, and your ability to attract your good becomes high."


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