For over 30 years, I personally have worked within the arena of alternative medicine, working to bridge the gap between alternative, complimentary, and evidence based medicine. I was part of publishing, editing and designing a successful magazine called Inner Words, which promoted individuals and companies who were, and still are, dedicated and deligent about these practices that we've now forged with our traditional model of medicine. Today, we continue to bridge the gap, updating our delivery form from a magazine to our website

Through the years, it's been inspiring to witness the transformation of humdreds of major health care hospitals, universities and educational institutions include these alternatives, creating a whole new category widely known today as complimentary medicine, a more complete way for people and animals to achieve whole wellness.

These pioneers took extensive steps to prove their theries, help their patients and gain a broader understanding of exactly how their particular expertise would play a significant part in the wellness arena in the 21st century.

This educational, inspirational list of 50 Pioneers in Alternative Health and Medicine is a must read for anyone who is interested in wellness. It was compiled by Bradley Aden, my son who has helped us numerous ways throughout the years. Thank you Brad!

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