The Dance Between Intuition and Fear

Rev. Geertje Zamlich
Spiritual Communication


One of the hardest things I am working with in myself, is distinguishing between intuition and fear when it comes to observation and understanding communication through non verbal channels. And even when the communication is verbal, what is unwritten or unsaid between the written or spoken words, the challenge is the same. My work is all about spiritual and intuitive communication, translating the story of a spirit into language and giving it back to the person across from me; listening and seeing on the frequency of this spirit, learning the language and translating that into English, Dutch, Italian or French. In separating and feeling the difference between intuition and fear, my own emotions, pictures and patterns are active and involved. Working with others can be a great source of inspiration in this as sometimes I see and recognize a picture someone has and I see attached to that a series of causes and consequences on either a spiritual, emotional and sometimes physical level that allow me understanding of my own internal (sub) conscious make-up, character, habits, responses. In a sensitive person, fear is powerful as one can feel or anticipate multiple values, scenarios and event- horizons from a specific state of being or state of mind. And all can look and feel real, equally real. I have no protocol or easy learning process ready to respond to insecurity here. But I know that fear has a twin brother/sister and that is courage.

I also think patience with oneself is key as well: not to take too much time, to wait or to procrastinate or hide, but to pay attention to small details or signs, to be attentive to yourself and to whom or what is at the center of a question or observation or experience that is presented or shared. The courage to be patiently honest; traveling through inner and outer landscapes in order to be at the heart of everything.

In your birthright is the right to know yourself. That is an expression and an experience of love, really of the unconditional kind.



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Ronney Aden
The Dance Between Intuition and Fear

Geertje, Your article speaks to all of us - possibly not in the exact same way it does for you, but the swirling sufi that we play with shows up! It is part of the human condition. I've had the joy, education and expansion of seeing your work and contributions in action weekly. With total honesty, your spiritual connections are some of the best I have seen in 40+ years. Please continue to write for 'us' and sharing - there is not a price tag we can put on your words! THANK YOU.

August 2019

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